Love yourself and love the people who are around you wholeheartedly. Because that’s going to help you navigate and that’s how you’re going to see who’s really here for you. Also, look back on the things you’ve done to see how far you’ve progressed so you can see how talented you are. Because sometimes when we’re stuck in our new endeavors or we get into some sort of frenzy, we forget how talented we are.”

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Apollo Lason, Singer, and Songwriter based in San Diego who recently dropped the album PLNTD. We chat about his story and how a series of events and challenges landed him several opportunities to pursue music which led to his move from St. Louis to San Diego. He shares his views on social media and how his growth of popularity on his platform led him to a place where he didn’t recognize who he was anymore.

From our conversation, we learn about how self-reflection is key, especially for someone in the creative field, how gratitude and love goes a long way, and how the intentions you have and the work you put in will always lead to personal growth.

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Connect with Apollo

Instagram: @apollolason
Tune in to PLNTD on Spotify: PLNTD ALBUM