We had the pleasure of checking out Bright Coffee while on a quick road trip to Monterey last week and were not disappointed one bit! Cupper App recommended this coffee shop among a few others while we were in town to visit, and this one caught our eye immediately! How so? This coffee shop shares a space with Lilify, a shop that has a ton of beautifully crafted items made from local artists!

We love the idea of housing a coffee shop and artisan shop in one space, and the space itself is utilized and decorated so beautifully that it quickly won our hearts over. If it wasn’t for the vanilla lattes, it was definitely the hand made ceramic owls! We spent a good amount of time here before heading to our final destination in Big Sur, so we’re going to break this down by sharing our thoughts on both Bright Coffee and Lilify!

The Coffee

From our visit, we saw that they brew Kuma Coffee, a coffee roaster based in Seattle, Washington. We weren’t familiar with the coffee, but the menu choices were great and we were immediately intrigued by their homemade syrups! The barista who had helped us, who was incredibly nice we should add, reaffirmed our gravitation towards their homemade syrups and had mentioned that that’s what they are known for. Their syrups included vanilla bean, butter chocolate, and spiced chocolate. We opted to try vanilla bean, and it was love at first taste! Not to mention, they served our coffee in these beautiful handmade mugs!

The Shop

When we initially went to Bright Coffee, we did not expect to stumble upon Lilify at all. Since they share a space, upon entry you notice the coffee bar to the left, then the artisan shop to the right. Our eyes were immediately drawn to the hand made leather goods and candles on the wall, but our first priority was coffee! After enjoying our lattes and having some extra time, we perused the Lilify area and found everything from notebooks, jewelry, greeting cards, apothecary, and decorative items. We probably would’ve walked out with the whole store if we could, but we did walk away with a few one of a kind trinkets as souvenirs, which is one of the best parts of traveling so we believe.

And how neat is it that they gift wrap your items for you? It was a great personal touch to add to the experience, and it was complimentary! So whether you got something for yourself or someone else, Lilify definitely adds that little something extra to make your visit special. And we felt the love!

Overall, we consider this spot a WIN WIN! It was a one stop shop for unique locally made items and delicious specialty coffee. This’ll definitely be considered a must stop whenever we head back to the Monterey area! We hope to see more collaborative shops like this one, where coffee and art work harmoniously to create a welcoming space to enjoy coffee and enjoy what local artists are creating.

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Bright Coffee
Website: bright.coffee
Instagram: @brightcoffeeca

Website: lilify.com
Instagram: @lilifyandlife

Visit Them

281 Lighthouse Avenue
Monterey, CA 93940

(Bright Coffee open from 7am – 5pm // Lilify open from 9am – 5pm)