“Deep down I feel like everyone just wants to share their story… I love talking to people and getting excited about whatever it is they are excited about. And I want to spark that same feeling and help people live their life in the most fulfilling way!” – @caitlinbrehm

After connecting with Caitlin through #createlounge, we knew we had to sit down with her over coffee. Luckily, the opportunity came when she visited San Diego for a few days and we were able to catch her at our favorite coffee shop, Heartwork Coffee Bar. In a nutshell, she is our spirit animal. But in other words, she’s an SEO wizard who helps fellow creatives create compelling content that will not only help them their ideal clientele, but also goes beyond in making a connection and packs an emotional punch!

If you want to learn more about her and her, not only check out her site, but check out the awesomeness that’s she’s been on – like when she was on the Being Boss podcast (episode #69)!

Connect with Her: