I think change starts within yourself. And if I can enlighten someone to change how they think or their perspective, I think that’s one step closer to a peaceful world. Where we can all live in a world with no boundaries, no borders, no nothing. If I can change you and you can change this person, it’s a whole ripple effect. People start changing, political leaders start going down, and the new and young people are rising and creating this whole empire. It’s the people that will make this world better.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Aminah Musa, co-founder of PaliRoots, community leader, and talented creator and photographer alongside our co-host and engineer, Eiman Othman. We talk about the history of PaliRoots, what it stands for, and how it’s grown into an incredible community to bring awareness to inclusivity and the Palestinian culture.

We had a conversation with Aminah in the past where she shared about the beginnings of PaliRoots, and we jump on this episode now to chat about how she’s grown as an entrepreneur and yet how her values stay the same in shifting your perspective to find the beauty in every struggle. We chat about changing the narrative, being intentional with sharing the love, and how we can all help each other thrive in this world.

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Connect with Aminah

Instagram: @goldenmuseco
PaliRoots Instagram: @paliroots
PaliRoots Website: Paliroots.com