Whatever it is you want and whatever you’re doubting yourself on… you’re enough. It might take some convincing, but I don’t think the world was really built for us to feel like we can accomplish a lot of things. At the heart of everything, with the right amount of work and the right attitude, you can accomplish and have whatever you want. I tell myself that every morning.”

Veej has been nothing but an incredible friend and support system since we’ve met him over two years ago. Since our initial convo in 2016, we’ve had the pleasure of creating memories through our friendship as well as witnessing his growth in his career as a creative. From graphic design, photography, and event planning, he does it all. He’s been an incredible help from helping us throw our first big #UnfilteredSD event and showcasing his artwork to even designing the logo for it!

In this episode, we get insight into his daily life and a genuine perspective that is valuable to aspiring freelancers and multi-passionate creatives. And we chat about knowing and embracing your worth each and every day. 

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