“To me, a sunset is so important now because it’s the end of another day I was given. That maybe I couldn’t have had how many years ago. Even if it’s just a glimpse through my side view mirror, I see that and it’s another day. … It transfers into my photography because then I’m able to capture that moment, I’m in the moment while I capture it, and I love showing that through my images. I want to show you how important this day was to me even if it was just another Tuesday at the beach.”

In this C&C Refill episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Xavier Beso, an incredible photographer based in San Diego, CA. We chat about his story of discovering photography after undergoing a life-changing event. Because of his past, he’s been able to mature quickly and focus on gratitude and being in the moment.

From our conversation, we learn about why staying present versus living behind a screen is crucial in this day in age, how gratitude is the key to happiness, and why photography plays such an important role in conveying emotion and capturing moments.

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Connect with Xavier

Website: xavierbeso.photos
Instagram: @xquesohueso