Don’t compare yourself to anyone. I think that’s what hurts a lot. You compare yourself to other people’s work and seeing dope shit that other people did. You gotta give it up to them and create your own stuff. Just don’t give up and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It’s not healthy. Compare yourself to your old self and look back at your old work. I consistently look at my old work and watch my old stuff and see how I’ve grown and how I’ve developed with my editing and my style and see where I’m going.”

I am so so proud of Ian and his success. This is a very special Coffee & Convos because this commemorates 3 years since our first convo ever which happened to be with Ian. We’re celebrating by introducing this new C&C Revisited series on the podcast and I couldn’t be more excited to share updates on the people we’ve had the opportunity to connect with and had on the platform in the past!

From what was once seemed an unattainable goal, he is now living out his dream of directing films, running his own photography studio, and touring as a videographer for Khary.

In this episode, we chat about the reality of pursuing a freelance career, why it’s important to keep learning and challenging yourself with your craft (and also have fun with it), and trusting the process to continue your growth.

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