Surround yourself with wonderful people. If you’re looking to go the entrepreneurial route, surround yourself with other entrepreneurialistic people, people with those side hustles because the first thing you sacrifice when you start a side hustle is your social life. Now weekends are the side hustle. You’re at your 9 to 5, and making money, but you’re either losing money or making nothing like a net neutral. If you surround yourself with other people who are part of this world, they can help inspire you both competitively and in a fun way.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Chris Waters, The Architect behind Constructed Adventures. He shares his story about how he went viral, how he creates seamlessly serendipitous memorable moments, and how he’s transitioned his lifestyle to being a nomad with the career he’s created. We talk about understanding your value and knowing your worth, the different adventures he’s created for people, and how to hone in on your creative endeavors.

This episode is great for those creative-minded people who are open to different opportunities and wondering if you can make your passion a profitable career.

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Instagram: @constructed_adventures