“Whether your passion is to help people, to connect people, or to create something. Think about what that is and be okay in a space of taking it in. Because what you’re dealing with now and what you’re going through now is eventually going to make you stronger, give you more perspective, and give you an opportunity to grow off of that and jump into whatever you’re doing.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Courtney also known as Coco San Diego about balancing her 9-5 with her work with the YMCA and her creative side hustle as a lifestyle blogger highlighting local San Diego and Baja happenings. She shares her story about how she moved here to San Diego from the Bay Area, found her community, and how she supports local stories.

We get tons of insight from how she creates community online and develops genuine friendships to finding the right non-profit to support and work with. She also shares so many great tips and tricks on how to navigate traveling to Tijuana, Valle de Guadalupe, and more, by debunking the stigmas of traveling to Mexico.

Tune into the podcast here.

Connect with Courtney

Instagram: @coco_sandiego
Website: cocosandiego.com