People are going to appreciate the genuineness. With the brand, I always had the vision and knew what it was going to be. I literally had nothing, I didn’t have a job, barely could pay rent. It was the lowest point and I had nothing to lose. I thought to myself ‘I’m going to take this tax return, go crazy, make some clothes and see what happens.’ I sold out and made another batch, sold out of that, then kept doing it. There were a lot of setbacks and it wasn’t the first time I had nothing. Now my mindset is different – I have everything always. And there’s an endless amount of abundance. I’m not set financially, but I’m set spiritually.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with David aka Stillo Suav, artist and clothing designer for and podcast host of Dice Roller Radio. He shares his story about how he started his brand and clothing line from nothing, how he brings the community closer through collaboration and working closely with his friends to build something greater than himself, and how his mindset has changed since focusing on his spiritual growth.

This is a great episode for those wondering how to start a creative project or brand of their own, where to look for inspiration, and how to get clear on your purpose based on your experiences.

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*Photo taken by Fides Rex of Gold Standard Studios