“It’s okay that there are people out there who are happy with their 9 to 5, and it’s okay that I don’t want to live that life. It’s okay that I want more. That idea of living an extraordinary life is living and doing what you can with whatever time you have.
You have to ask yourself, ‘What are you leaving behind?’ For me, the foundational piece of it all is figuring out what your ideal lifestyle looks like and what your core values are because that is what you’re going to run your brand by and build your business around. It’s breaking down what your version and vision of success is and letting go of what society tells you it is. It’s throwing out the money piece and the idea that you have to work your way up a corporate ladder or work your way up to be VP.
It’s about changing your mindset and finding what your idea of success is. Everyone is so different and their version of success is so different, whether it’s wanting to spend your days at the beach or if you’re ideal life is snowboarding every day. You have to know what that looks like in order to build upon it and make it a reality. My calling is not to live behind a screen but to connect and help people make bold decisions in their lives.“ – Devan Danielle //@devan_danielle

We connected with Devan through the #createlounge Twitter chat and she instantly became a soul sister. She transitioned from being a graphic designer from a corporate based company to fulfilling her calling as a coach to inspire like minded women and creatives. We had the opportunity to meet with her while visiting Minneapolis and it was an eye opening experience getting to sit down and speak with her. She created the Bold Belonging community because her gut told her to as well as recently rebranded her site to better reflect who she is and what amazingness she has to offer.