We oftentimes wait for the courage or clarity instead of just go for something… I think people think ‘I’ll act when I feel brave’ or ‘I’ll act when I know this is the right way’ or ‘I’ll move and do that thing and take the leap when I know’ but courage is doing it in spite of fear. It’s doing it afraid. Action leads to courage.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Devin Jones, clarity coach and public speaker who specializes in helping women get clear on their path to success and wellbeing. She shares about her journey on how she put her intentions out in the universe to guide her to where she is today and what the future holds now that she is moving to Barcelona.

We get insight into why momentum is key when implementing impactful change in one’s life, the different levels of wellbeing, and her perspective on belonging. She helps us gain more confidence to move forward in our career paths and reminds us that each of our journeys is our own and each decision we made is a common thread that leads us to where we are ultimately meant to be.

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Connect with Devin

Website: devinjones.co
Instagram: @_devinjones
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