“I started coffee questers because I wanted to share all of the different coffee shops here in San Diego as well as all the art within the community. It’s also a way for people to socialize and everyone is so friendly! With working a 9 to 5, I don’t find that to be my definition of success because I know there’s so much more. I would rather own my own business and be my own boss. And I feel like there is a demographic I can reach out to, especially in National City where I grew up, that I can share this experience where people can get together to have coffee, connect, and just be the beautiful people they are. I want to give people a chance to be themselves without having to act or be a certain way.” – Divina Griffin //@sdcoffeequesters

We had the pleasure of meeting Divina over a cup of tea at Holsem Coffee and got to chatting about how she built this amazing community around coffee with SD Coffee Questers. Every Saturday, she along with other coffee questers get together at a different coffee shop and connect! Sounds like something we love, right?! Which is why we love her and what she’s created! Keep an eye out for her ventures and stop by at a SD Coffee Questers meet up on Saturdays, we promise she won’t bite! Just look at that big, beautiful smile!