Answer the door. When opportunity comes, answer it. Don’t miss your blessing. Everything is a choice, you can choose to go for it or choose not to go for it. And if you’re an aspiring creative, and you want to take your creativity to the next level, you can’t be afraid of the opportunities. Because there’s no shame in trying and not succeeding. I don’t believe in failure if you try. I believe failure is not answering the door and the omission of possibility.”

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Elmo Arteaga, an audio engineer based in San Diego. Known for his work with Nickelback, Warped Tour, Being as an Ocean, Ice Nine Kills, and Motionless in White, he shares his story about his journey in music, how he started in the technical side of it all, and how he’s been able to tour across the country.

We chat about his work ethic and drive to grow in this industry and trying new things, his perspective on technology and using it to your advantage, what it’s like to support your friends, and how to navigate this creative world.

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Connect with Elmo

Instagram: @elmoarteaga