Art is very much like therapy for me. I can notice a change in my mood if I haven’t been creating regularly. I feel like I can get depressed like I’m stuffed up or something. So I realized there’s this flow that happens, that is where the “soul flow” comes from. There’s this feeling of just needing to flow these emotions out or these images that I’ll have in my mind out.”

Erin Bowman is an incredibly vibrant artist with a passion for the community who has opened up Soul Flow Studio in San Diego. From sharing her artwork at several art shows, creating murals painting cities with her soulful work, to cultivating a studio to help others create in a safe and supportive space, she thanked her intuition for guiding her through this path.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat about astrology, her work with Reiki, and channeling your spirituality. There is so much power in trusting your gut navigating through life and Erin chats about how the different changes, signs from angels, and meditative moments in life has brought her to where she needs to be.

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