If you have numerous amounts of joy instances, that happens more often than not, ultimately you will be happier and that will lead to more creativity, life satisfaction, and more work productivity. Essentially when you’re experiencing joy, you’re actually playing! And it isn’t necessarily being playful, it’s more of a mindset, and the cool thing about joy is it’s unique to everyone.”

Gary Ware is a Play Catalyst and Founder of Breakthrough Play. With his role, he helps people level up their skills by using fun and entertainment as a tool. He’s also an improv comedian and uses that same skill set he’s learned from improv to help him shape his classes and workshops.

In this episode, we chat with Gary about his transition from a traditional corporate background into the world of play, and how his workshops that are built around improv and play psychology help others become a better version of themselves. Tune in to hear his actionable tips on how you can utilize the power of play to amplify different aspects of your lives including creativity, life satisfaction, and work productivity.

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