I can be a voice and I can express that voice in more than one way. Sometimes words don’t do it – wrting songs is fun and great as we can tell stories through them but sometimes words just don’t do it. Sometimes you need something else to pull on those heartstrings that make you think ‘ooh, I felt that.’ I can score forever, I think.”

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Geminelle Rollins, singer, songwriter, and musician. She shares her story about how she packed up everything she had in San Diego to pursue a music career in New York. We talk about the importance of growth in uncomfortable situations, especially as she transitioned into her life in the big apple years ago. She talks about her journey as a musician, how all she’s gone through has prepared her for something bigger, and how social media needs more unfiltered moments and what she plans to share her perspective on post-reality.

This is a great episode for those seeking advice during that transitional period of life, how to handle change, and expanding your creativity beyond what you do now.

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Connect with Geminelle

Website: geminelle.com
Instagram: @geminelle