“You gotta think of yourself as a magazine. Take GQ for example, if you open up their magazine, there’s coffee, culture, fashion, news, and all kinds of things. If you learn to really see yourself not being just one thing, your brand is your magazine. What kind of magazine would you be? And from there, what aesthetic would you be? Even though you could do all kinds of stuff, it’s good for you at the same time to never neglect your personal brand and what you represent. My advice would be to take baby steps and celebrate small victories. Because people think this shit happens overnight, and it doesn’t.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Gibrán Huerta, co-founder of BIEN, a bi-national creative agency. Known as the “French-speaking Chicano,” Gibrán shares how his move to Paris at 19 has shaped a lot of who he is today and how his love for travel, his work ethic, and his experience in hospitality has helped cultivate what BIEN is as a cultural studio. He also gives us tips, tricks, and his strategies he uses for his clients and insight on storytelling versus sales marketing.

This is a great episode for those wanting to learn more about agency life, running social media as a business, and those who are thinking of taking the leap.

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