Everything from From is recycled and comes from a different place, whether it’s cardboard or the wood. We say ‘Never Stationery’ because we don’t want to be the cutesy greeting card company that’s out there today. And we’re mobile and always on the go, and always looking for the best place to set up to encourage people to be creative and thoughtful.

Hillery Kemp, the founder of From, shares her story about how she took a bright green vintage postal jeep known as Al Green and repurposed it to be the vehicle that drives From place to place inspiring people to be thoughtful and creative. We sat together in the corner tucked away in Meraki Cafe where she dreamed up the idea of From to create an experience where people can create postcards and mail it to their loved ones. She has taken her last 10 years of marketing and branding experience to create a more fulfilling life by spreading the lost art of handwritten postcards and letters.

In this episode, Hillery shares how important it is to her brand to be resourceful and close the loop on waste by recycling, repurposing, and partnering with like-minded local businesses and nonprofits. We also chat about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people to grow, how to get out of a creative rut, and challenging yourself to be better in your business. This was a very heartfelt episode and reminded us that when you have an idea, you have to put in the work, no matter what!

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