“Createlounge really started because I was in my last semester in college at the time and I’ve been participating in Twitter chats for about a year and a half, and I really enjoyed the different chats for social media and PR but I’ve been finding that creative entrepreneurs are the people who light me up and those were the people I wanted to talk to after work! There weren’t any twitter chats for creative entrepreneurs and I decided why not just start a twitter chat of my own? … It started as a gathering for creative people and acts as an inviting space for intimate conversations. We have a very come as you are attitude and we’re here to encourage you along the way and celebrate you because the more we can help build whatever it is you’re doing, the better!” – Kayla Hollatz // @createloungehq

After meeting Kayla through the #createlounge Twitter chat and building what grew into Coffee & Convos, we knew we had to sit down and have coffee (or cocoa) with her. Took a trip to Minneapolis to do just that and got to learn more about the new space she created at createlounge.com. As an inviting space for creatives to start conversation, we love the fact that she started her community through a Twitter chat and has now grown into it’s new space with podcasts, Instagram challenges, and a monthly book club!