There’s no one out there that doesn’t deserve a place and the space to be seen and heard and feel worthy. I’ve gone through those struggles of questioning that myself growing up, and that’s where it stems from – I just want people to feel loved. I can’t give 100% of my love to every single person on the planet, but if I can do it even in the smallest way, and maybe encourage someone to be slightly more loving towards the people around them or in their community, or reach out, or have the courage to say ‘I need help, I’m struggling’ or anything, that’s Support SD Local doing its job.”

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Kelly Dawn Noel Suan, branding and social media consultant and facilitator for Support SD Local. We talk about all things entrepreneurship, and more specifically serving from a place of love for the community and the importance of pivoting throughout your career.

We chat about her perspective on social media being used as a tool and the ways it can, in turn, be a toxic habit that people abuse for the wrong reasons. We get real and share our personal experiences with social media, both good and bad, and chat about why cultivating a community with intention is powerful.

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Connect with Kelly Dawn Noel

Instagram: @kellydawnnoel
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