“Baking defines my personality. I love the idea of being alone and immersed in baking, but also love bringing people together with what I create. I found out how useful/powerful it is to meet people through social media, especially in the creative community in San Diego. And for me, it’s building the overall experience for the events I cater to, and getting to see people enjoy the donuts and create memories with it. […] Perfection is overrated. It’s all about taking that first step and having those fears of ‘what if I don’t succeed?’ For a lot of people they want things to be perfect before they take that first step, but it’s taking that first step that will allow you to work towards what that would mean for you personally.” – Lisa Lee // @homebakeshopll

Lisa not only bakes delicious donuts as Home Bakeshop LL, but she also has a knack for design aesthetic. From her beautiful Instagram worthy photos of her baked goods, it’s hard to resist! She does many events throughout San Diego as well as custom made orders, so if you like what you see, don’t hesitate! The unique flavors and fun themed donuts are well worth it, and not to mention healthier than traditional donuts!