Recorded at our first ever LIVE Coffee & Convos, we chat with Phillip Esteban, a renowned chef based in San Diego who is impacting change in the community and culture. He shares his story about how he steered away from a traditional career into being a chef, how he’s been able to work and learn from big names in the industry, and how practicing and leading with empathy is always the answer. Beyond his chef role, we talk about how he’s cultivating the community around experiences that are transformational instead of transactional and what to expect with his involvement with OpenGym.

This episode is great for those who are looking for guidance in their career – whether you are seeking more experience or looking for a mentor, Phillip shares how he’s been able to grow in his career by seeking these opportunities and not being afraid to put himself out there.

Tune into the podcast here.

Connect with Phillip

Instagram: @phillipesteban
OpenGym: @opengymsd

Special thanks to Whisky Locker, Field Guide Co., Provecho! San Diego, and Fides Rex and Eiman Othman of Gold Standard Studios for making this first event come to life!

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