“It’s an idea of taking it back to summer camp with snail mail because people want something that’s not a bill in the mail. With that, One Per Week evolved as people wanted to write more letters but felt overwhelmed. I think if you get people in the act of writing not just to give, they are inspired to give letters and love receiving letters. And One Per Week is giving you that at your fingertips! You don’t have to write a thank you card for a tangible product but instead taking the time to write for 5 minutes, you’re giving somebody more than that.” – Lori Christensen // @carde_blanche //@one_per_week .

Lori started creating paper goods through Carde Blanche and recently launched a monthly subscription box called One Per Week that contains one Carde Blanche card along with 4 others circling around a specific theme for the month. She inspires others to take it back to the good old days with letters and giving someone something nice even when an occasion doesn’t call for it. We love her message and what she’s doing, so definitely give her a look and if you’re interested in getting a box sent to your door with awesome cards to give someone, we love One Per Week!