We rarely ever get the chance to check out coffee shops in the North County area, let alone Oceanside, so when the opportunity came up to check our Revolution Roasters, we went in a heartbeat!

We were able to meet Emerline who was visiting from New York along with her brother, Ivan. Both incredibly talented individuals, it made the drive up to Oceanside and the coffee that much more special! If you haven’t checked them out already, please do so! Emerline is a communication goddess killing it with her Mastery Experiences and Ivan is an incredible nature and landscape photographer!

The space itself was a garage with plenty of open space and light coming through, which was amazing because it was a beautiful sunny day! With communal tables, bar seating, and smaller tables, it made for the perfect area to chat with friends, work, and just enjoy yourself. There was even a smaller table for your little ones to sit and enjoy their drinks at!

With so many options on the menu, we opted to try The Alchemist paired with a blueberry scone. Not only was the name of the drink fitting but also happens to be the title of one of our favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho… So we took it as an omen to try it. And we were not one bit disappointed! It was the perfect combination of cold brew, cream, and simple syrup that was just delicious! They also have unique coffee concoctions like affogato, a cold brew float, butterscotch or lavender honey flavorings you can enjoy in a latte, or even a coffee soda!

If we didn’t live so far, this would definitely be dubbed “The Spot” to go to! Looking forward to checking it out again in the near future and trying out their butterscotch latte and coffee soda! YUM!

Where to Find Them

1836 S Coast Hwy.
Oceanside, CA.
Hours: 6am-4pm

Follow Them

Instagram: @revolutionroasters