We have to come together to create a bigger impact. You can make an impact on your own, but wouldn’t you rather make a bigger impact with people that have potential that are real and genuine with whatever they’re doing? I’m only human. Energies don’t lie and I feed off that and good vibes. I can tell right off the bat if you’re lying or fronting on things. Give me you and open yourself up to you because I’m trying to read you and if you really want to connect, give me who you are as a person. The weirder you are, then YES, I will get along with you more.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Riza Clave, a San Diego based fashion designer, photographer, and traveler. She shares her story about how she started her fashion career at a young age designing gowns and wedding dresses and transitioned into creating a career combining her passions of fashion and photography to tell a unique story through modern aesthetics and traditional influence. We talk about why it’s important to honor yourself and be a genuine person, when the “right time” actually is, and how to create a bigger impact.

Are you multi-passionate? Do you not know where or when to start? This is a great episode for those looking for an extra push in whatever direction you’re headed as well as for those who do not fit a societal box of what you should pursue.

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Connect with Riza

Instagram: @weriza.co
Website: weriza.co