I just want to make people have a good time, that’s my main motivation. To see people dance and have fun and just smile, get down and lose themselves. That is my main motivation. I deal with anxiety on stage sometimes, and I have to work through it. It’s weird DJing so long, but I still experience it now and then. I’m learning to be more present, and be in the moment with everyone and everything.

Sasha Marie is an incredibly talented DJ who curates mixes and creates soundscapes that gives her listeners a unique take on a specific mood. Her love for music at a young age instilled by her Father has segued into a music career early on with the support from the San Diego community as well as the popular art collective, Soulection. She’s a storyteller at heart and has the ability to tell unique perspectives through her mixes and her creativity.

In this episode, we chat about her journey with self-care and wellness and how her growing music career has opened up opportunities to travel worldwide. We also touch on how she found her voice through music, why it’s important to be vulnerable with yourself, and how she has stood out in this industry by truly being herself. Not only does she create dope mixes for any mood, but she is also working on expanding her creative endeavors by merging film and music together.

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*Photo was taken by Leslie Colon Photo