It differentiates you when you are actually embodying what it is you value. It’s great for business and it’s also great for you personally because it keeps you in your own lane and you’re not self-sabotaging yourself by trying to do all the different things you might come across. So really looking at ‘what do you really want’ and the second thing is what your business really needs to thrive.

In this episode of The Coffee & Convos Podcast, we chat with Shannan Scott, Small Business Strategist, Creative Consultant, and Host of the Ideas with Intention Podcast. She shares her story about her journey in shaping her career and reiterates how one’s journey is not on a linear path. We chat about intentionality, collaboration, and why it’s important to play on your strengths.

She shares her advice on how you can hone in on your strengths and be more intentional with your business and in your life. This is a great episode for those looking to start their business, to get clear on what you can accomplish, and to focus on the big picture.

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Photo by Elana Loo