“Our journey with Pop Pie Co. started soon after Gan completed his MBA program and wanted to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant where he could share his passion for baking and cooking. It seemed like everywhere but here had a pie shop dedicated to the art of pie making. There’s a lack of exposure for pie here and it’s not just a holiday thing, but a lifestyle a lot of people around the world live by. And that’s what allows us to be creative with it. We pull flavors from around the globe and use them to create something new and creatively delicious.
Being embedded in the community as consumers and having developed relationships with employees and ownership of businesses we frequent has helped us tremendously in our own journey. We’re blown away by how supportive everyone has been and hope to continue collaborating with other local businesses.
What’s crazy is that Gan never intended to get Master’s degree in business, but it happened after his visa was declined because an officer deemed his baking program ineligible for renewal and told him to come back when he found a new academic goal.
We believe all things happen for a reason.” – Steve and Gan
Pop Pie Co. is a San Diego based pie company serving up the best pies and coffee! Stay tuned as they open up their first location in University Heights at the end of June!