“I’ve always been a creative person, I’ve just never tapped into it. And upon moving to California, I feel like the cap lifted off of my creativity! I use my blog as a creative outlet and also as a way to inspire people through my writing. If I somehow make their day better, I feel like I get paid in love, not to mention it’s a huge confidence booster for my work. I listened to my self-doubt in the Midwest. And all of those feelings of being uncomfortable means that I’m onto something good. It was going from that easy comfort level to opening myself up to these new opportunities that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t make my way out here.” – Taylor Griggs // @sandsequins

We connected with Taylor not too long ago at a blogger brunch and knew we would keep in touch. It wasn’t until we were behind the scenes in following Ian shoot her Plot Twist video that we had the opportunity to also sit down and have Coffee & Convos with her. She shared what it was like to pick up her stuff from the East Coast all the way over here to San Diego and continues to share about her life on her blog, Sand and Sequins. Keep up with her and check out her Plot Twist video we had the chance to be a part of!