“I picked up my first camera and was so fucking excited—it was a Costco bundle XTi. Since then it was an everyday thing for me to shoot at school, things, and people. Photography didn’t take off until I got sick at 16 years old. I was diagnosed with cancer in August 20, 2008. The reason I kept using the camera more was because I would be up at 4AM because of the medication and for whatever reason I read the whole camera manual front to back. It was definitely a blessing in disguise. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be into photography as I am now.” – Xavier Beso // @xquesohueso

We’ve known Xavier for a few years now, and he never fails to put a smile on our face with his great attitude or inspirational heart to heart talks. After learning his story about battling cancer at a young age, we can’t help but love seeing his growth in photography. You can find his photography on his Flickr website and trust us, you will be in awe! He’s incredibly talented and continues to inspire and motivate us to keep doing what we love.